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Registration for DamnLAN Oct 24-26

If you have urgent questions or problems, contact Kerry "Bug" Mraz at the following places:
Email: kerry@fossil-bug.com
Text or Call: 360556four192

Not so urgent questions or comments can be sent to our Facebook DamnLAN Event Page

Online payment option is closed. Contact me through Facebook, Email or Text if you want one of the last few seats.

DamnLAN Facebook Group Page
DamnLAN Facebook Page

Link to the Facebook DamnLAN Event Page for comments and conversing.

Who's Coming?

  • Staff
    • Kerry "Bug" Mraz
    • Mike "Fossil" Morris
    • Jose "Diomedes" Degadillo
  • Registered and Paid (max of 55)
    1. Joseph "Payback" Falbey
    2. Michael "Semideus" Gedling
    3. Lucas Jenkinson
    4. John "Lucas Friend 1"
    5. Conner "Lucas Friend 2"
    6. Russell "[TB]Ninjorz" Rosenburg
    7. Richard "lord999" Pham
    8. Justin "adnans" Bennett
    9. Erin "lunarennui" Rutherford
    10. Chris "Rapiki" Pierce
    11. Benjamin "Aractor" White
    12. Ryan "AputheCleaner" Pearson
    13. Scott "BizSAR" Rokus
    14. Nick "Handjobs4Jesus" Montrond
    15. Riley "Xenu" Bolen
    16. Richard "Sapporo Jones" Jones
    17. Andrew "somethingcool" Grether
    18. Jason "MechDragon" Beyerle
    19. Lou
    20. Matt
    21. Mark "NotListed" Garcia
    22. Cameron "Maloch" Atchley
    23. Mariah Rouse
    24. John "Rob Taelem" Geddes
    25. Matt "0mega" Reiter
    26. Peter "MrPeter" Kucera
    27. Chris "SRIwinkill" Holly($80 per mrpeter)
    28. "DiggerNick"($80 per mrpeter)
    29. Jenna "Sabriel" Grafe
    30. Max "iMax" Grafe
    31. Isaiah "Thrasher64" Schubert
    32. Kyle "Notoes" McDaniel
    33. "JakariNiteAngel"($80 per notoes)
  • Registered, not yet paid
    1. Zach "Torquer" Johnson
    2. John Conner
    3. Sheldon Lebow
    4. Spawn of Sheldon Lebow
    5. Nathan "NSP_85" Schieck